LegalZoom Review [2024] – Is LegalZoom LLC Service Suits You?

Based in California, LegalZoom was established in 2001 that had maintained a good position among other legal liability companies, such as IncFile, ZenBusiness, etc.

The company offers a variety of services, including affordable rates and top-quality legit management. LegalZoom has served over 4 million businesses in the past 15.

Isn’t it worth purchasing service, considering their business experience and customer service? This LegalZoom LLC review will help you decide!

LegalZoom LLC Review 2023

People looking (in Connecticut specially) for a reliable LLC service should consider LegalZoom at least once, bearing in mind their easiest sign-up procedure, cheaper pricing, and fast filing process.

If you want a detailed review to check the company’s essential features and other services, you are in the right place.

We have complied a LegalZoom review that will highlight all the pros and cons, key features, pricing, and packages, and also the additional services offered by the LLC company. So lets start!

LegalZoom: Pros and Cons

LegalZoom Pros

Almost 20 Years of Experience

LegalZoom has served with its outstanding LLC facilities over the past 20 years. The company stands peerless along with other LLC providers, like ZenBusiness, in the industry.

Moreover, they have gathered hundreds and thousands of positive feedbacks in recent times on reliable platforms like TrustPilot and BBB.

Money-Back Guarantee

Unlike other LLC providers in CT, LegalZoom facilitates its users with a cent percent money-back guarantee. An LLC client has the authority to get his money back within two months of a service purchase.

Search Availability for Free

LegalZoom provides you a great opportunity of searching for professional name availability. It doesn’t only specify to LegalZoom’s clients but to everyone for free.

Fantastic Customer Support

According to multiple customer reviews, customers are much delighted with the fantastic LegalZoom customer support. They not only attend their clients on weekdays but are also available on weekends till 7 p.m.

Offers the Best Additional Services features are not just confined to LLC formation, but they have also established a name in additional services. For instance, power of attorney, Tax Identification Number, and most importantly, the yearly report filing by LegalZoom is far the best.

LegalZoom Cons

A Bit Expensive

There are dozens of superb LLC services, including IncFile, that charges less than LegalZoom. Even the basic LegalZoom LLC package starts from $99, including the state fee, and that too doesn’t cover any advance feature.

Registered Agent Service Demands Extra Charges

LegalZoom demands extra charges to provide their registered agent services in CT, while other competitors include them within their LLC purchase packages. It doesn’t just end here. A customer should also pay more to get the EIN insurance from the company.

LegalZoom: Key Features

Registered Agent Service

Being a business person, you should be aware of the importance of legal files appearing in emails, or most of the time, there are court notices too.

So many states make registered agent service a necessity for new businesses. Getting registered agent services from LegalZoom, you’ll not only be notified of your essential documents, but they will also protect them for you.

Let us tell you how LegalZoom will assist you with its RA service.

It Aids in Preventing Fines

LegalZoom helps you by notifying you about important deadlines. It lets a customer stand at a distance from penalties.

It Coats Extra Privacy

Registered agent service is also responsible for accomplishing all lawsuit requirements and receive essential files on your behalf.

This way, you get additional privacy for yourself, avoiding all communications with your employees or clients.

Helps You Save Your Time

Being your own registered agent would require your full-time availability for the customers and employees.

The RA service by LegalZoom makes it convenient for you by handling all the business issues themselves and freeing up your precious time.

Operating Agreement

An operating agreement by any company takes hold of all the ground rules and sets specific regulations for the formation of an LLC.

LegalZoom offers its great services in terms of the Operating Agreement that is not only perfect for new LLCs but also deals with your existing ones.

To get this feature, a company needs to fill an online survey for LegalZoom so they can review the completeness and consistency of your official documents.

After processing, the LLC service will provide you an operating agreement along with guidelines for signing it in.

Fast Filing

The fast filing feature of LegalZoom competes with other big LLC companies and stands for the best. The company offers three fantastic purchase packages, differing in prices as well as their processing times.

For the most basic package, LegalZoom Economy takes a processing time of 30 working days, while that’s 15 days for the Standard Package and only ten working days for the Express Gold Package.

Note that these days are relating to the processing time and not the state time. The filing process may differ concerning your state. You can also read a complete guideline on how to form an LLC in your state, like in Connecticut.

Low Cost

Most people are satisfied with the lowest of LegalZoom’s all packages that start with $99 only.

It is considerably better than the other authorities charging you hundreds of dollars for their LLC services. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the LLC services, LegalZoom provides you a money-back assurance within 60 days of purchase.

Easy to Form

Just like other LLC companies, LegalZoom is also easily formed and is convenient to use. They have fabulous customer service available seven days a week.

Moreover, customers get an easy LegalZoom website access with is not only user-friendly but also has advance and convenient features in it.

LegalZoom Pricing & Packages

LegalZoom LLC service provides its best in three different packages. These include Economy LLC Package, Standard LLC Package, and the Express Gold Package at last.

Let us discuss them one by one to get a detailed review of their features.

LegalZoom Economy LLC Package – $99 + State Fee

This one is the most basic LegalZoom offer falling in an affordable range and covering a maximum of advanced features. Let’s take a quick look!

Professional Name Accessibility Search

Sometimes, the business name you wish to have may be acquired by another unit. For this purpose, the LegalZoom economy package checks for your business name availability to avoid issues in the future.

Prepping and Filing the Articles of Organization

Every new LLC formation demands official documentations. LegalZoom responsibly prepares all the documents for you by drafting them.

After that, the filing process is done to give them a final shape to be used by the company.

Lifelong Customer Support

Once you purchase LegalZoom’s economy package, you will get extended customer support seven days a week for your whole life.

The team is available till 10 p.m. on weekdays that reduces down to 7 p.m. on weekends.

Banking Resolution

With the banking resolution, a LegalZoom client can open up a personal bank account. This professional authorization notice points out the eligibility of people trying to open up the bank accounts on your behalf.

Complete LLC Guidebook

This package covers up a complete step by step guideline, so a customer can understand the LLC documentation and initiate its business.

LegalZoom Standard LLC Package – $329 + State Fee

The Standard LLC Package covers everything within Economy Package plus the following:

Deluxe Entrepreneur

Purchasing a standard LegalZoom package will allot you a box including your official company name in it.

LegalZoom VIP Processing

As they charge more than the economy package, so also provides VIP processing. Hence, all of the preparation and filing processes are prioritized on those of economy package orders.

Official Certificates & Seal

With this advanced feature, an LLC owner will be provided 20 customized official certificates coming in an embellishing seal.

LegalZoom Express Gold LLC Package – $349 + State Fee

Facilitated Processing with Secretary of State

LegalZoom always prioritizes fast processing for your state of formation, especially with the Express Gold Package.

It will help you bring the turnaround time from weeks to only a few days. This package is worth purchasing if you need an emergency LLC service.

Provides Express Shipping

LegalZoom will deliver your documents to your state on time via the best Express Shipping. The shipping service also provides a tracking number for customer’s satisfaction.

LegalZoom: Additional Services

Along with the primary LLC services, LegalZoom also offers some additional services, including individual facilities other than the business services. It’s totally your choice if to purchase these extra services or not.

State Tax Identification Number (EIN) – $159

Commonly known as State Employer ID, a State Tax Identification Number is a similar number as an SSN.

It is a unique 9-digit business code assigned to new businesses that help in creating new accounts, filing income taxes, and also hiring a variety of working staff.

By paying a little extra amount, LegalZoom facilitates you with an EIN that will help you quickly sign in with your state and proceed further in your business.

Operating Agreement, State Employer ID and Licenses – $199

You can pay an extra amount to add a license feature to your LLC services. This way, LegalZoom will handle all your important agreements and licenses needed to kick start a business.

Bylaws & Resolutions

Pay extra cash to get the bylaws and resolutions from LegalZoom. These are basically the startup decisions of a company’s board of directors.

Moreover, all the operating rules and agreement that fits your business requirements fall under this additional feature.

LegalZoom Customers’ Reviews & Feedbacks

Positive feedback is a paramount factor for any company or organization to grow.

Because of the maximum positive reviews of LegalZoom, this LLC service attracts most of the initial entrepreneurs anxious about how to form an appropriate LLC.

For your sake, we gathered a few authentic customers’ reviews from LegalZoom’s official website. Let’s check them out!

  • It was the first time ever I started a new business, so I wanted to acquire the best LLC service. Someone advised me of LegalZoom services, and that was the perfect decision I ever made. They made my dreams come true at a fairly reasonable price. Recommended!
  • I have been using LegalZoom services for quite some years now. Services and customer support have always been very smooth and easy. For me, the company is highly affordable with all the key features that I usually want. I will continue using their services for sure.
    Besides these, we also managed to get some reviews from ConsumerAffairs. People, even there, are pleased to purchase LegalZoom LLC services and giving positive feedbacks.
  • Not everything is always perfect, but LegalZoom tries its best to satisfy the customers with most of its services. I was initially confused about how to sign in with my operational agreement. The support team was kind enough to guide me through the entire process. Being satisfied with their services, I have recommended LegalZoom to most of my friends too, who are also happily using them now.
  • I had little to no time to search for an attorney and then find out about LegalZoom services. They responsibly performed all their tasks and did the documentation for my LLC. Everything is going great till now. Talking about their customer support, they have been very polite to me every time I contact them. Moreover, online processing is also good to go even for a non-tech person. Couldn’t ask for a better LLC service than LegalZoom!

How We Rate the LegalZoom LLC Service?

Rating by Registered Agent Service 3/5

The overall rating for registered agent service is not so acceptable. The reason lies in their expensive packages.

Unlike other companies, for instance, ZenBusiness, LegalZoom doesn’t consist of the registered agent service in any of their packages.

They will charge you an annual amount of $299 to get this service, which is also very necessary to have.

Rating by Filing 3.5/5

LegalZoom’s packages are a good option for those not wanting their orders in an emergency as the economy package takes approximately 30 business days to reach your place.

Talking about the standard one, it mostly consumes a time of 15 days. If you are a LegalZoom user and quickly want to process your order, we’ll recommend their express gold package because that’s the only one with a fast filing of 7-10 business days.

Rating by Cost 3/5

Considering as a whole, LegalZoom is far an expensive budget for most people.

Other LLC services are offering maximum features at a lower cost than LegalZoom. If you are considering this service, go for purchasing the economy package at just an amount of $99 plus state fee.

It will cover up lifetime support along with business name availability search and articles of corporation.

Rating by Ease of Formation 3.5/5

The overall order processing takes a total of 15 to 20 minutes. It increases the rating for ease of formation by LegalZoom.

Furthermore, if a customer couldn’t complete the filing process in one go, LegalZoom will help him retrieve from the point he left the place that is a good gesture.

Any Discount Offers?

Anyone willing to purchase Best LLC services in Connecticut can consider our official website. We are making it convenient for customers to buy LLC services with special discount offers.

Although, LegalZoom itself offers a 10 percent discount on a few legal documents of their customers. But there are no handsome discount offers available with Legal Zoom.

However, there is good newsZenBusiness and incfile offer a very handsome discount offer if you purchase through our website.

The Best Alternative to LegalZoom? We Prefer Northwest LLC Service

There is no doubt in the fact that both the services offer great features in a reasonable range, but there are a few services that make Northwest the best alternative to LegalZoom. Most customers prefer Northwest over LegalZoom because of the following:

  • Customer Support Service

The support team by Northwest is incredible! They have a team of highly skilled members, providing lifetime support to the clients. Every time a client calls them to solve an issue, whether it relates to forming an LLC or some complex state rules, the Northwest team has helped them within no time.

As far as LegalZoom is concerned, they do not have as potential agents as those of other companies. They have the only advantage of providing extended support hours seven days a week.

  • Registered Agent Service

A chief point for Northwest LLC service is that it provides the registered agent service within the premium package and at no additional cost. On the other hand, to get a registered agent service by LegalZoom, one has to pay an extra amount separately.

Get a Final Conclusion

All in all, LegalZoom LLC service is a superb opportunity for people wanting to get enhanced guidance with lifetime customer support.

Being a member of their Business Advisory Plan and LLC service, LegalZoom offers incredible discount deals too. They have always got your back for any issue relating to your new business or LLC formation process.

On top of everything else, LegalZoom provides a free name accessibility search option for everyone. So, get your hands on their exclusive packages today!

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