The 6 Best Registered Agent Services (Reviewed & Rated in 2024)

A registered agent, technically, is the point of contact for legal correspondence for your business. Most states require you to have a registered agent for your LLC and other business models.

That registered agent could be you, your spouse, a close relative, or a friend- given that they meet the state criteria, or you can hire a professional for the said task.

A professional registered agent has got many benefits over registering yourself or a close family member for legal correspondence. Therefore, many business owners prefer to hire a professional to correspond on their behalf.

Entrepreneur Favorites

Before you dive in, let us have a look and know what makes these registered agent services the entrepreneur’s most favored among all the available registered agent services in the CT.

ZenBusiness and NorthWest registered agent services promise you full confidentiality and have many time-saving features. With their excellent deals and packages, you can save more than $200 over the offers of other companies. Here are some distinguishing features of both:

ZenBusinessNW Registered Agent
Customers Rating4.7/54.6/5
Pricing & features
Customer reviewsExcellentGreat
Customer supportGreatExcellent

The market is flooded with companies claiming to provide the best-registered agent services online. This overcrowding makes it difficult to choose the one which is best suited to one’s needs. Moreover, which company’s claim for the best-registered agent services is valid, remains a big question.

For this buying guide, we have reviewed almost 15 acclaimed online companies for these services and come up with the 6 best registered agent services. We dug deep and outlined the features which set these companies apart.

Top 6 Registered Agent Services Reviewed: (Overview)

Since you have gone through the brief features of the 2 top-rated registered agent services outlined by the entrepreneur, let us look in-depth and compare the exciting attributes of the top 6 companies. Below we have listed our top picks in the industry with their pricing for registered agent services.

  • ZenBusiness ($99/year)

ZenBusiness offers high-quality registered agent features at an affordable price. This is what makes them the favorite of small business owners.

Read Review or Visit the Website.

  • Northwest Registered Agent ($125/year)

Due to the easy and quick checkout process, Northwest registered agents are famous among many business owners.

Read Review or Visit the Website.

  • Incfile ($119/year)

Due to their free premium services at the basic level package, people in business love IncFile.

Read Review or Visit the Website.

  • LegalZoom ($159-299/year)

LegalZoom has been in this business for more than 20 years. Their experience and huge customer list make them the most well-known company.

Read Review or Visit the Website.

  • Swyft Filing ($149/year)

With quick and reliable services at such an affordable price, small business owners love to hire SwiftFiling registered agents.

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  • Rocket Lawyer ($149.99/year)

In case you need ongoing legal services, Rocket Lawyer is the smart choice.

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Best LLC Formation Services: (Detailed Review)

Best Choice: Recommended


The Best Registered Agent for Small Business- Quality in Affordable Price

Zenbusiness offers you LLC formation or incorporation services at just $39 plus state fee with a full year of registered agent services. The exclusive registered agent services start from $99. ZenBusiness is one of the fastest filing companies for new businesses. 

With ZenBusiness, you can enjoy every perk of registered agent services offered by big brands in the industry. What LegalZoom offers at $299, you can get her for just $39.

ZenBusiness is a socially conscious company with excellent customer support and swift procedures, making them the favourite among a large business community. The client may not find much hand-holding, given that most of the company’s services are automated.

Pros and Cons

Affordable pricing with great featuresShort track record
No upsellsNo customer care on Saturdays
Easy automates servicesNo support over the phone
Live chat support
Worry-free guarantee
Outstanding customer support network
Excellent reviews

Price & packages

People mostly go for ZenBusiness’s LLC formation or incorporation packages. Even the basic package offers full-year registered agent services inclusive of LLC formation services for just $39.

Standalone registered agent services start from $99, and premium packages range from $149 to $249. These upgraded services include:

  • Annual filing report alerts
  • Two free filing changes per annum (you still need to pay state fee)
  • Document submission on your behalf
  • Guaranteed worry-free compliance

Customer service

Outstanding customer care is a prominent feature of ZenBusiness. Their customer support representatives are available on the phone, email, or live chat during business hours. They are knowledgeable, polite, and friendly and answer your query in the best possible way. Without the waste of a second, you will get the solution from the representatives once you get in touch with them.

Rating and customer reviews

With more than 4,507 reviews in such a short time, ZenBusiness has proven its credibility in this business. Almost all reviews reflect positive feedback. Customers are happy about the ease of use services and how much money they have saved with ZenBusiness. 

Trust pilot gave them a 4.8/5 star rating on 4507 reviews.

Exceptional Customer Care

Northwest Registered Agent

Most Experience Business Registration Service with Exceptional Customer Support

Since 1898, Northwest has served millions of customers from a diverse range of businesses. For registered agent services, Northwest has been a big name. It is leverage for entrepreneurs who are looking forward to forming a business through online means. This is the only company that locally scans every document that they receive on your behalf. Other registered agents only scan state documents and legal summons.

Northwest registered agent services are known for their phenomenal customer care services with flexible timings. Their customer service representatives are available on weekends too. With over a two-decade of experience, Northwest is the absolute choice for brand-conscious businessmen.

Pros and Cons

Incredible customer supportRelatively expensive
Personal assistance to every customerA few reviews in comparison to the number of customers they have served
Local scanning of every document
Free registered agent services for the 1st year of incorporation with them
No upsells and they carry no partnership with others
Respect privacy and do not sell your company’s information to others

Price and Packages

Registered agent services are one of the premium offerings of Northwest registered agents. Filling an LLC with Northwest will offer you 1-year free registered agent services following your incorporation with them. You need to pay $225 plus the state fee for that.

It seems quite expensive to get a registered agent service at this price. You can avail of Northwest volume discount if you buy their registered agent services in five or more states. This will drop the price as low as $100 per state. Hence you can save $625 or more depending upon how many states you get these services for.

Customer Services

If you are concerned about quality customer care, you will not find anyone better than a Northwest registered agent. They are consistently acknowledged for their customer services. If it is your 1st experience of registering a business, the robust customer care service representative will assist you in any technical issue anytime. 

Every client gets his own support representative, who serves as a personal assistant. You may reach out to them anytime you need, and that representative makes sure all your business requirements are met, and your filing process proceeds smoothly. They will help you get through any glitches or obstacles that you face in the filing process.

Ratings & Customer Reviews 

Although the volume of reviews is not that high, Northwest registered agent services has got high-quality feedback from its happy customers. For their services, they have got glowing customer reviews and got 4.7/5 ratings on google, 4.5 on Yelp, and 4.5/5 on BBB(Better Business Bureau)

Easy on Pocket


Starts with $0 with Huge Customer Profile

If you are struggling with a tight budget and want to enjoy the perks of registered agent services, pick IncFile. It offers you a full year of free registered agent services following your incorporation with them. So if you are looking for affordable yet reliable registered agent services, IncFile is the right choice.

IncFile has many add on features if you are looking for more customized services. You can get business templates, customized documents, and a lot more. Over the past 16 years, IncFile has the experience to deal with a diverse group of business owners and has served more than 250,000 customers to date.

This versatile experience of dealing with clients starting their businesses in multiple fields can give you confidence in their services. Regardless of which specific business you are going to start, IncFile’s registered agent will guide you through owning to the diverse experience of the company since 2004.

Pros and Cons

Lifetime customer supportUpsells and third party dealing
Online access to all business documentsCustomer supports needs to be more personalized
Free registered agent services for the 1st year of incorporation with them
Business name availability checking 
Free business tax consultation services
Order process in next 24 hours

Prices & Packages

IncFile’s most exciting feature attracts most customers because they charge you $0 plus state fee only in their basic plans. Is it not interesting getting a full year of registered agent services for $0?

For added features, you may subscribe to their gold package that costs $149. You can save by spending extra bucks on getting an EIN or on IRS forms at this price. With the platinum package, which charges you $299, you can enjoy more perks, but this sounds a bit expensive to many people.

Customer Services 

IncFile is very generous towards providing lifetime customer support to its clients. The customer care staff is friendly and knowledgeable, but a few clients complain that it is sometimes difficult to connect with a representative. Some customers want more personalized support as IncFile is offering now.

Ratings & Customer Reviews 

IncFile is lucky in terms of getting thousands of feedback, mostly positive and satisfactory. The feedback from happy customers is an immense strength of IncFile. They have got a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating from Shopper Approved with 11,664 reviews and 4.6 out of 5 stars from BBB (Better Business Bureau) with 112 reviews.

A Huge Brand


High Brand Awareness & Strong Foothold in the Industry

LegalZoom has got leverage over others due to an exceptional volume of customers. They offer top registered agent services at a relatively high price, but that suits their phenomenal brand awareness.

LegalZoom offers a compliance calendar, business data protection, and unlimited cloud protection in their registered agent services. Given their brand recognition and vast experience, clients feel comfortable with their high prices compared to the competitors. 

LegalZoom is confident about the quality of its services and gives a 100% money-back guarantee. In any case, if you don’t like any of the services, you can claim a refund within 60 days, and they will refund your money to you.

Pros and Cons

Compliance Calendar to notify important filing deadlines,Very expensive compared to its competitors with the same features
Scanning and copying all documentsA positive and negative mixture of review
Served nearly 4 million customersRegistered agent services are not included in business formation packages
100% guaranteed satisfaction
Money-back guarantee 

Prices & Packages

If you are struggling with budget constraints and, for now, your top priority is to save money, LegalZoom is not a good option for you. Registered agent services are not included in business formation packages; even the gold package worth $349 does not include any registered agent services.

You may get an advantage in terms of their pricing by selecting add on features. For instance, they charge you $149 annually for registered agent services if you incorporate them for business formation. But for standalone registered agent services, you need to pay $299 every year. For Northwest registered agent services, it costs you $125 a year. 

Customer Services 

Customers have mixed feelings towards the customer support center of LegalZoom. Some are very satisfied, but some have issues with the customer service representatives. It is understood that to serve such a high volume of customers, it is challenging to recruit consistent quality representatives. 

Ratings & Customer Reviews 

With such a significant volume of customers, it is not surprising to get mixed reviews. Some customers are not satisfied as LegalZoom did not best fit into their needs. With 529 reviews, they have got 2.48 out of 5 stars from BBB (Better Business Bureau) 3.1 out of 5 stars rating from Trustpilot with 228 reviews.

Fast Yet Affordable Turnover

Swyft Filing

If you want cheap registration with fast turn over, Swyft Filing is not a wrong choice. You can get the whole registration process done in less than 10 minutes.

Swyft Filing’s top priority is to get your business set up as soon as possible. In the relatively short period since 2012, Swyft Filing has managed to grab thousands of customers through its quality services. 

Their automated services, backed by seasoned professionals, ensure you a 100% compliance and send regular reminders so that you never miss a deadline. Swyft Filing offers registered agent services for all types and sizes of businesses.

Pros and Cons

Provide Doing Business As (DBA) servicesA little obscure pricing
Prioritize phone callsA few add ons and upsells
Privacy ensuredRegistered agent services are not included in their business formation packages
100% money-back guarantee

Prices & Packages

Swyft Filing offers registered agent services starting from $149. It may be disappointing for some clients that they do not include registered agent services in any of their business filing packages. 

Customer Services 

You will get lifetime customer support over a phone call and email from their customer care center. However, it is hard to get in touch with their service representative, and it may require several attempts to connect with a representative over the phone. 

Ratings & Customer Reviews 

Swyft Filing, being relatively new in the business, still managed to get over 20,000 reviews. The feedback is quite encouraging for new businessmen to try Swyft Filing. It has got 4.5 out of 5 stars from Shopper Approved with 21,978 reviews, and Trustpilot, with 1,725 reviews, rated them 9.1/10 stars.

Perfect Choice

Rocket Lawyer

Perfect Choice for Ongoing Legal Services

With over a 900,000 customer profile in terms of business formation, Rocket Lawyer registered agent services are no less than that of any of its competitors. If you incorporate with Rocket Lawyer for their legal services, they offer you a full year of free registered agent services. 

With their 100% guaranteed services, Rocket Lawyer is considered one of the most trusted legal services. They have served a total of 20 million people in terms of business formation, legal documentation, and other legal issues. Owing to their vast and diverse experience, business owners and entrepreneurs share their incredible experience working with Rocket Lawyer.

Pros and Cons

High customer volumeNo register agent services included in business formation packages
Legal aid subscription is a value-added featureExpensive in comparison to its competitors
Subscription-based pricing
Customer privacy protected against malware and other vulnerabilities
Scanning of all the documents

Prices & Packages

Rocket Lawyer seems a bit heavy on the pocket with their registered agent services price starting from $149 per year. None of their business formation plans includes registered agent services.

Customer Services. However, they offer a 25% discount with a premium subscription. 

If you need any legal advice or services, you can subscribe to their additional features. You will receive attorney services, legal documents, and several other perks for just$39.95 per month.

Customer Services

RocketLawyer is known for incredible customer support. On weekdays their customer support representative is available from 09:00 am to 09:00 pm EST on phone calls. 

Ratings & Customer Reviews 

Rocket lawyer feedback is a mixed bag with positive and negative reviews. With such a high volume of customers, negative comments are expected from the clients. With 2238 reviews, Trustpilot gives them a 4.7/5 rating, while Sitejabber rates them 3.6/5 with 994 reviews.

What do We Recommend?

Considering the pricing, experience, customer support services, and clients’ feedback, we recommend ZenBusiness for the best registered agent services and overall the United States. 

They offer the best deals for online business, easy on the pocket prices, friendly and knowledgeable customer representatives, and trusted by thousands of customers. What else are you looking for such services?

Why You Should Choose Registered Agent Services?

A registered agent is the main point of contact, corresponding on your behalf with the state by accepting and sending legal documents. You or any of your trusted person can be a registered agent for your business, but the following are the benefits of hiring someone as your registered agent:

  • Peace of Mind and no hassles: By hiring a registered agent, you can focus your energy, time, and attention on promoting your business.
  • Compliance without missing any deadline: Your registered agent service enables your business to stay compliant with the state requirements.
  • Privacy: You do not need to mention your personal or office address for your business. The public record lists the address of your registered agent service.
  • Flexibility: Instead of making yourself available between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. every weekday, a registered agent service enables you to choose your own flexible business hours.

Final Verdict

We tried to cover everything you need to know before you decide to choose any of these services. Depending upon your budget and customized needs, you may pick any of the above and enjoy tension free document handling and stay compliant with every state requirement.

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