The Best LLC Services (Pick the Best LLC Filing Services for You!)

Best LLC Services: If you’re running on a track to grab the best LLC service in, you might happen upon numerous LLC routes with maximum facilities.

It may seem easy to register an LLC, but actually, the process has a few suspicions involved. Most of the entrepreneurs do not want to file an LLC themselves but also lack a sufficient budget.

So, to save your precious time searching the Internet, and as per a customer’s convenience, we have compiled an article that will help choose from 5 top-rated LLC services out of 35 we went through. But before going into details, let’s quickly compare these 5 LLC services.

Quick Comparison Table

LLC ServiceBest ForStarting PriceRegistered Agent ServiceTurnaround TimeCustomer Reviews
ZenBusinessOverall Value$0 + state feeFree 1st year3-4 weeksThousands of positive reviews
IncFileBest-PricedFree + state feeFree 1st yearSame dayHundreds of good reviews
NorthwestMost Positive$225Free 1st year1 business dayMaximum favorable comments
Inc. AuthorityBudget-FriendlyFree + state feePaid30 days3000+ positive reviews
LegalZoomExperienced Brand$79 + state fee$299/year15 business daysSatisfactory reviews

Now you can find all-inclusive details below on the four most reliable LLC services with the top-notch features they offer.

Let us discuss them one by one, outlining their claim to fame and how the company can promote your business with its services. So walk-in then!

Living in any other state? Discover the best LLC services in the United States available in 2023.

Overviewing the 5 Best LLC Services (Comparison)

After wrestling with the comparison table, we better overview the four well-known LLC services in the industry, as verdicts how entrepreneurs and startups overview these services.

  • ZenBusiness: Best Overall Value
  • IncFile: Falls in the best-priced companies.
  • Northwest: Holds the most positive reviews.
  • Inc. Authority: The Cheapest of all.
  • LegalZoom: The Most famous & experienced brand.

5 Best LLC Formation Services (Detailed Reviewed)

With this in-depth review of the best LLC service in CT, you can easily decide which one is the most suitable for your startup.

Although these LLC services are selected considering the State of in mind, yet these 5 services are best enough even if you’re living in any other state.

So let’s get start.

Our Top Recommendation

1. ZenBusiness

As the premier LLC service in 2023, ZenBusiness outshines competitors with its comprehensive, easy-to-use features, budget-friendly pricing, and tailored subscription plans, making it the perfect choice for startups in search of cost-effective, dynamic solutions.

Ideal for: Entrepreneurs looking for adaptable, approachable subscription options.

For a good start for your company, we’d recommend you to read the ins and outs of ZenBusiness below:

Pros and Cons


  • Have thousands of positive feedbacks
  • Offers the best reasonable LLC packages
  • Several add-ons without paying extra charges
  • Pro package guarantees the submitting of annual documents and reports
  • Advanced registered agent service
  • Fantastic customer support
  • Warns a customer of all the requisite target dates


  • No customer service on weekends
  • Turnaround times have a little ambiguity

Registered Agent Service

ZenBusiness stands among top LLC companies, offering a complimentary first year of their registered agent service. This responsible entity manages your business paperwork and keeps you informed of crucial deadlines.

Opting for ZenBusiness’s registered agent service is an excellent decision. After the first year, the service is renewable at a competitive annual rate of $99, which is lower than many competitors in the U.S.

Pricing & Packages

Since 2015, ZenBusiness has attracted millions of customers with its affordable pricing. They offer three distinct packages to fit various budgets:

Starter: ZenBusiness’s basic package starts at $0 plus the state fee, paid annually. Services include registered agent service, operating agreement, LLC formation, official filing, accounting, and income tax details.

Pro: Priced at $199 per year, the Pro package is ZenBusiness’s most popular option. It includes all Starter package features plus additional services such as:

  • Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)
  • Worry-Free Compliance
  • Expedited Filing Services
  • Customized Banking Resolution

Premium: The Premium package is ZenBusiness’s most comprehensive offering at $299 per year. It includes all Starter and Pro features along with additional benefits like business domain name filing, expedited order speed, and a professional email address and website.

Fantastic Customer Reviews

In an era where trust is scarce, ZenBusiness has built an exceptional reputation with countless satisfied clients and positive reviews. Customers frequently praise the company’s LLC service packages and incredible customer support, available whenever they need assistance.

Their Badge of Honor

ZenBusiness’s ability to provide essential features at affordable prices often surprises people. The company strategically entered the market with a deep understanding of technology and expertise in LLC formation procedures. They also excel in offering recurring compliance services.

Additionally, ZenBusiness attracts customers by showcasing various discounted deals, making it hard to resist their outstanding services.

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Best-Priced LLC Service Companies

2. Incfile

Entrepreneurs facing a low budget these days can blindly trust Incfile for the formation of their LLCs. Incfile, a prominent LLC service in 2023 and a close second to ZenBusiness, provides an assortment of unique, user-friendly features, attractive pricing, and varied subscription plans, catering to startups looking for alternative, valuable solutions.

Ideal for: Startups considering a reliable, distinct LLC formation service alternative to ZenBusiness for subscription options.

Pros and Cons


  • Almost 15 years of experience with a good repute
  • Falls in cost-effective range
  • The entity timely notifies you of all the deadlines
  • Brilliant customer service
  • Hundreds and thousands of good reviews
  • Free one year of registered agent service


  • Involves third parties
  • The platinum package is pricey

Registered Agent Service

Like ZenBusiness, IncFile offers a complimentary 12-month registered agent service for clients. After the first year, customers can renew the service for an annual fee of $119. IncFile’s registered agent service handles legal business documents and monitors essential deadlines.

Pricing & Packages

IncFile offers reasonably priced packages to suit various budgets. They provide three main packages: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each with unique features.

Silver: This package is free, excluding state fees, though hidden charges may apply. It includes essential LLC formation services such as preparing and filing articles of organization, tax consultation, an online document portal, a free one-year registered agent service, deadline notifications, patent search, and more.

Gold: Priced at $149 plus state fees, the Gold package includes all Silver features, plus additional services like bank account setup, S Corporation designation, LLC operating agreements, and an EIN.

Platinum: The Platinum package, priced at $299 plus state fees per year, offers the most comprehensive services. It includes all Gold features and additional benefits such as a business website and domain name, and expedited paperwork filing.

Extensive Key Features

Incfile goes beyond standard package offerings with optional add-ons. Customers can purchase extra services like express document delivery, a customized binder featuring their business name, a federal tax ID number, and, if applicable, S Corporation tax election.

Their Badge of Honor

IncFile is a top choice for entrepreneurs seeking same-day order processing, as the company excels in fast filing. This dedication sets them apart from other LLC companies that may charge extra for rapid delivery or fail to guarantee specific turnaround times.

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Most Experienced Choice

3. Northwest Registered Agent

Though not as user-friendly as other LLC formation services, Northwest Registered Agent stands out for its affordability, offering two subscription plans and a comprehensive free DIY account guiding users through the LLC creation process.

Embracing its “We’re Just Not Annoying” slogan, Northwest simplifies customer support with accessible online chat, no phone tree hassles, and prompt email responses, ensuring businesses receive assistance when required.

Ideal for: Entrepreneurs seeking cost-effective, hassle-free LLC services and willing to undertake some or all tasks independently.

Pros and Cons


  • You’ll receive one year of free registered agent service
  • Takes good care of a customer’s privacy
  • They do not partner with the third parties
  • An outstanding client support
  • Have maximum favorable comments
  • Fast filing according to the state


  • Costly for most customers

Registered Agent Service

Northwest Registered Agent Service boasts a free first year, offering excellent value to customers. With an annual renewal fee of $125, their service remains competitive. Unique in the market, Northwest registered agents are the only ones scanning business documents upon receipt, attracting many customers.

Pricing & Packages

While Northwest’s prices are on the higher side, their top-quality services make the investment worthwhile. If the full package doesn’t fit your budget, you can choose individual services like LLC formation, registered agent service, or LLC filing services.

Northwest offers a single package costing $225 plus state fees. This comprehensive package includes a free first year of registered agent service, fast filing, operating agreement, business name availability check, and document drafting.

Additional Services: Northwest provides various add-ons, such as a Federal Tax ID Number for $50, an extra mobile number for $9, IRS services for $50, and more.

Great Customer Support

Startups rave about Northwest’s outstanding customer service. Their team of highly qualified staff is available for support whenever needed.

Their Badge of Honor

Although their slogan, “WE ARE JUST NOT ANNOYING,” may seem informal, Northwest genuinely prioritizes customer ease and satisfaction. They clarify their prices and features to save clients time. Once you select a Northwest service, order processing takes a mere 10-15 minutes.

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Overall Positive Choice

4. Inc. Authority

Founded in 1989, Inc. Authority formed the LLCs for more than 130,000 new businesses along with gaining their good reviews. It has a similar free LLC facility as of the IncFile, which is truly a claim to fame.

Still, the company is not that user-accommodating as other contenders but offers you numerous LLC benefits within a short budget. Let’s move towards the details then!

Pros and Cons


  • One of the two companies providing free LLC facility
  • Offers a discount code of up to 20%
  • Comes with easy to form packages
  • Free 12 months of registered agent services
  • Best client support
  • 3000+ positive feedbacks


  • No refund policy launched
  • Pricey premium package

Registered Agent Service

Inc. Authority offers a unique registered agent service, acting as your agent for a year. Once satisfied, clients can decide whether to pay for continued services. Prices may vary, but the commitment to quality remains constant.

Pricing & Packages

Inc. Authority offers four main packages, each with distinct features:

Free: Excluding state fees, this package includes business name availability check, preparation and filing of articles of organization, transparent verifications, S-Corporation, and a free registered agent service for one year.

Starter ($399): This package includes all Free features plus EIN formation, membership certificates, record book, business binder, and LLC operating agreement.

Executed ($499): Designed for those requiring a business website and official license reports, the Executed package includes all features of Starter.

Tycoon ($799): The most expensive package, Tycoon offers express delivery and BizCredit Express options in addition to all previous package features.

Incredible Customer Service

Inc. Authority prioritizes excellent customer support, assembling a highly professional team available to address queries during weekdays.

Their Badge of Honor

Inc. Authority is an ideal choice for budget-conscious businesses, being one of only two companies offering free LLC formation services. However, clients should be aware that additional services come at an extra cost.

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5. LegalZoom LLC Service

Over the past two decades, LegalZoom has established itself as a popular option for entrepreneurs seeking to form their LLCs.

LegalZoom has gained the trust of countless business owners through its exceptional services, helping them kickstart their new ventures.

To get a better understanding of what LegalZoom has to offer, read the following overview:

Pros and Cons


  • Experienced and well-established company
  • A wide variety of legal services offered
  • Strong brand recognition
  • Flexible payment options


  • Higher pricing compared to others
  • Limited registered agent service offering
  • Slower turnaround times
  • Customer support may not be as responsive

Registered Agent Service

LegalZoom provides a registered agent service for business owners seeking assistance in managing paperwork and meeting crucial deadlines. Unlike ZenBusiness, LegalZoom does not offer a complimentary first year of registered agent service. Their annual fee for this service is $299.

Pricing & Packages

LegalZoom presents three unique packages to accommodate various budgets and requirements:

Economy: Priced at $79 plus state fees, this basic package covers LLC formation, operating agreement, and official filing. However, it does not include registered agent service or other supplementary features.

Standard: For $329, the Standard package offers everything in the Economy package, in addition to a personalized company binder, seal, and expedited processing.

Express Gold: LegalZoom’s premium package, priced at $349, includes all Standard package features, along with priority rush service and express shipping.

Satisfactory Customer Reviews

LegalZoom has garnered a considerable number of positive customer reviews. Clients often express appreciation for the platform’s comprehensive legal services and overall convenience.

The LegalZoom Edge

With a long-standing presence and experience in the LLC formation and legal services market, LegalZoom holds a competitive edge. They provide a wide range of services beyond LLC formation, making them an appealing choice for businesses requiring additional legal support.

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ZenBusiness: Our Best LLC Service

All of the top four LLC services mentioned above possess distinct advantages and offer unique features.

The alternatives discussed are user-friendly and affordable, catering to the needs of new business owners. However, ZenBusiness consistently remains the top recommendation from both publishers and customers.

Renowned as the best LLC service and highly rated by business experts and other organizations, ZenBusiness boasts a remarkable score of 4.9/5, according to customer surveys and positive feedback. For more information, feel free to visit their website directly.

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